The pandemic has drastically increased tasting requests (up 500%). To try to answer this need, and for the safely of our team, we remodeled my first MicroFarm and home in Cherry Valley (30 mins west of Palm Springs).

Since we create our whole menu from scratch while growing and sourcing in a truly unique way ... our tastings are far more time consuming vs others with a limited menu or mass produced ingredients or pre-made items.

This also means that we will not always match your day of menu due to smaller portion sizes.

Chef Table Tasting up to 6 guests $300

The last 6 months have seen weddings on every day of the week for the first time in my 30 year career.  We will try to fit you in where our schedule allows (no Thursday, Friday or Saturdays). We are not allowed to have alcohol consumed on site.  You can taste your current invoice selections.  If you have not made any selections choose as many options as you have agreed to purchase.  Tastings up to 1 hour and 30 minutes with chef Tony on site.