Family Style is a wonderful option we excel at - it does require more planning and budget.

Additional food and service conditions are necessary for this service – be warned of caterers that lack requirements!

Preparing Tables for Wedding Food Plate Passing
Skilled foodie Wedding Indulgence Furnish Tables
Our Catering embellishes Wedding Eats

Guests pass food to each other, so need to be seated in groups of 12 or more.

One Staff per 20 guests $90@2hrs $130@3hrs serving time to execute food only (beverage service, toasts, long service distance, etc require more staff) – over 60 guests requires a service captain $150.

Staffing Services Family Passed Entrees

Artisan Grub Table Passed Family Style

We charge an additional $1 per dinner menu item for family style (it requires more food available to pass).

Family style is unique because everyone starts eating together and want to have food available at their table throughout dinner.

Two Salads are required and groups over 60 require a side food item while pizzas circulate.

Rent our Sustainable Bowls and Bamboo Tongs or Spoons (pictured on our food menu page) for $3@ Set