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(BUFFET) Pricing for Self-Serve Buffet - Italian American starts at 20ppl $1400 - Pizza $2500min

Guests come to the buffet, making this our most affordable on-site catering option for lunch or dinner from assorted Italian American dishes or pizza with salad, and either can add passed appetizers.

organic + seed to fork farming

(FAMILY STYLE) Pricing Samples - Italian American 20ppl $1750 - Pizza $2500min

Guests stay seated, and we bring food to pass to each other with a bit more staff and food amounts to fill vessels to cover tables. Available as pizza, salad, and side or our assorted Italian American dishes.

sustainable + all handcrafted menu

(JUST PIZZA) or Tray Passed Apps/Desserts - 50 Pizzas $2500 - Passed apps $1500min

Pizza or passed appetizers for casual affairs or an addition to an existing menu when other food options are available, or something is needed for a promotional events or just a light lunch.

heritage grains we freshly mill

(DROP-OFF) Food and Menu Order Page $750min (pizza not offered or good delivered)

From informal events to small groups, our eco friendly drop-off containers are popular and a value for unique artisan food with varied dishes, salads, and appetizers, all decorated from our micro-farm.

fermented, smoked and aged ingredients

Thank you for pursuing a unique style of food recognized for; sustainable practices, seed-to-fork farming, organic sourcing, freshly milled grains, and much more outlined on each menu and pricing sample.