We have served our healthy dough to thousands of people with gluten issues – our executive chef and owner has his own gluten sensitivity!

This is how we overcome 98% of gluten and wheat issues …

Commercially Processed Flour:  

Processed flour has nutrition and natural yeast removed by high speed grinding; then bathed in chlorine oxide and irradiated to preserve shelf life. 

We low speed grind heritage grain per order to preserve nutrition aiding in digestion. 

Commercially Harvested Wheat:

Sprayed with pesticides and insecticides seeds are then treated with fungicide – even if organically grown but commercially handled – silos are lined with vermicide and rodenticide.

We only use grain that is kosher and chemical free certified by a laboratory!

Instant and Processed Yeast:

A new yeast was cultivated by Fleischmann during WWII to make products faster and remove the need for artisan labor – creating gluten sensitivity and digestion issues!

We use a starter made with natural yeast needed to digest gluten and alleviate issues.

Cold Dough Fermentation:

This new yeast removed the fermentation of dough.

Fermentation allows Lactobacillus bacteria to consume starch and convert it to lactic acid; breaks down gliadin proteins; activates phytase to dissolve phytates; greatly reduce glycemic load and improve insulin response; protect against Candida Albicans; shorten the gluten protein strand; produce metabolic by-products that help us break down gluten.