Elevated Business VIP Diners to Pizza Buffet for Thousands

When you are looking for something more for a special nights dinner or a large group when food, sustainability, flavor and health are a focus for your organization.

During the Year We Cater a Large Range of Functions

Higher quality comes with more cost then other options, our mission still fits in many functions for eco, health focused corporations doing events from Nike to Patagonia to Apple to Vogue.

〈Dill, Cilantro, Basil〉

Service Styles Buffet and Family Style

〈Blue Borage〉

Self Service Buffet Spreads for Large or Small Gatherings

Lets coworkers, clients and associates express their preferences for artisan food from our labeled food choices.

Family Style creates a more formal VIP Diner

Guests are seated in 6+ so they pass salads, side dishes and pizzas.  This service does require extra staff and food over buffet ensuring enough options, also good to make preprinted menus is helpful.

Appetizers Passed at Promotions or New Launches

Products and Promotional Launches on Weekdays

A lot of companies use us for a change of pace from the usual and when eco friendly is needed for clients.  Snack options to pizza portions are an inventive statement or part of a large event needing different food options.

Pizza Only when you feel a snack is needed

Having customers for a snack or lunch event?  Pizza buffet is a popular choice for value and options for food and added to wow attendants.

〈White Bush Squash〉

Larger Groups for Simple Buffet

$2500 minimum for our on site kitchen - drop off for no minimum

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