By paying the deposit, the client automatically agrees to ALL of Wheat & Fire’s Teams and Conditions.

We require these terms and conditions to allow us the time and energy required to focus on creating our all scratch made farm to fork menu and to keep poor planning unjustly impacting our ability to serve other clients.

Deposit: Your deposit is nonrefundable and collected to cover our liquidated damages for scheduling, staff, time and lose of other bookings.  It is hard to measure our exact loss so we collect this non-refundable deposit as an agreed-upon amount of our damages if you cancel your catering or do not follow these terms. This section of our terms serves as our Liquidated Damages Clause. 

Cancellation: If you cancel 14 days or more in advance your nonrefundable deposit is forfeit, unless you reschedule your event within 6 months (date availability is not guaranteed).  If you cancel your event within 13 days or less the full balance of your invoice is due in full.

Agreed Purchase: Your invoice details the food choices you agree to buy for each service section of our invoice.  These line item invoice choices have been predetermined by us to create the type of event we want to present to your guests.  You can not reduce or move these choices; for example two salads and pizza can not be changed to one salad and pizza, or three appetizers can not become two appetizers and one dessert.  If you insists on reducing the invoice items it will enact our Liquidated Damages Clause and the nonrefundable deposit will be forfeit.

Final Guest Count and Menu Selection: The final guest count and menu is due no later than 14 days before the commencement of the event.  It is the sole responsibility of the client to contact Wheat & Fire and provide the final count and menu.  Any changes must adheres to our Agreed Purchase Clause and guest count reductions from the original booking total of more than 10% are not allowed.  If the final menu and guest count is not provided on or before the deadline the original count will be used to calculate the final balance due on that day see Final Payment Clause.

Vendor Meals: If you would like to provide meals for vendors (Venue, Third Party Staff, Photographers, Band/DJ, Coordinators, Security, Valets, etc.) please submit the number of meals along with the final guest count (by 14 days).  If no vendor meals are provided we require you to let vendors know they cannot get any food.  There are no diet restriction meals or custom orders for vendors unless agreed upon in email or invoice. Vendors will be fed ONLY after the dinner service is complete and added to the dinner portion of your invoice.

Staffing: Additional staff to pass appetizers, run food or execute family-style service; this staff is to only help with food presentation, serving and guest questions.  Depending on the final layout of the event and service style additional food runners will be added to the invoice.  A separate invoice will be sent that will detail any other agreed-upon services (setup, cleaning, place settings, trash, scullery, rentals, etc).

Chefs Assistant: Only help the chef create the menu, answer guest questions and coordinate food execution to uphold our standards of artisan hand crafted food.

Service Fee:  We strive to provide an exceptional catering that is fun and memorable.  Helping to achieve this is our wonderful staff.  To retain our exceptional staff we charge a service fee which will be distributed to onsite and kitchen staff.   A 18% service fee will be added to the pre-tax final balance due and is always appreciated.

Final Payment:  Final invoice balance is due no later than 14 days.  Paid by credit card (fee 3%) or Venmo (no fee weekly $2999 limit).  See our Final Guest Count and Menu Selection Clause for final balance determination.

Setup Area: It is the clients sole responsible to make sure there is adequate area for our mobile kitchen setup, not too much slope to prepare food and adequate access to the area (for example).  Our website provides further details on what is required for an onsite wood fired oven and mobile kitchen.  If we arrive on-site and the clients desired location is not suitable, we reserve the right to not to set up in that area nor be held accountable for the the effects this change has on our service.

Arrival: We arrive one hour before our service time.  If early arrival is needed we bill an hourly rate of $250 per hour to cover our additional costs of coming early for your event.

Buffet Style Service: Any fresh made food buffet service requires table release for seated guests. We highly recommended a staggered approach for more casual affairs (people always eat/approach together).

  1. You must provide your own buffet tables, lighting and table covering. 
  2. We provide pizza signs with ingredients for your selection on the buffet table.
  3. We will leave your leftovers on the provided tables.
  4. Plates, cutlery, service and passed appetizer are covered in our food menu section (not provided free). 

Family Style Service: Our timeline break down is provided for each section of service on your invoice.  The timeline must be adhered to due to the complex nature of family style service and providing quality food.

  1. Service Captain for events over 60 guests.
  2. Chefs Assistant required based on final menu and logistics (quantity provided on invoice).
  3. The proper amount of service staff in order to execute Family Style is crucial for this type of service. 
  4. Client must provide dishes for family style service (per 8 guests one 8” bowl for sides and 9” bowl salads).
  5. Extra space to fill up salad bowls and side dishes at once requires an additional 10ft x 10 ft of area.

Serving Delays:  We start making pizzas 10-20 minutes before our service time (depending on the size of the event). If there are delays in service we must know no later than 30 minutes before our serving time.  Once service has started, we do not stop until all guests are fed as food is made hot and fresh.  We are not responsible for food going cold if guests do not start eating at the service time given or any pauses occur once we start.

Close of Service: We will let you know about the last call 15 minutes before the end of our serving time (on your invoice) – we may initiate this sooner if groups are done eating to start clearing and to package up your remaining food so it will not spoil.  

Leaving:  If we do not have access to leave after 30 minutes we will charge $75.00 every half hour (such as cars blocking our exit).  We only break down and clean our mobile kitchen area unless a separate service invoice has been accepted detailing the additional staffing services see Staffing Clause.

Extending Service Time: We do not extend our serving time past our agreed on-site time. We offer great value for you to extend your service time by purchasing additional menu items.

Trash: We do not collect trash or buss unless we are contracted to do so. We never provide trash cans or receptacles (we bring food). Please rent, provide or get temporary trash receptacles for your guests.

Parking:  Client agrees to provide parking close to our oven for our load in the vehicle. We also need parking for the number of employees required to feed guests. Parking costs are required to be paid by the client.

Timeline: A final separate timeline is due no later than 14 days or acceptance of the invoice timeline, submission of the timeline does not qualify as approval.

Layout: A final layout is required with circled pictures of the area clearly showing access and setup areas.