Palm Springs Wedding Reception Catering

Beautiful weather and room to spread your wings with experience creating over 300 ceremonies.  One thing still surprising is how many caterers approach such special weekends like just another day.  We find marriages are as different as the couples bringing everyone together from Glam to Bohemian.

Add Our Truly Unique Presentation and Style of Food

Our industry experience relays that we are a value, but we are not close to the cheapest hospitality option.  If price is a concern you can reference the sample links and see if we fit in your dinner budget.


Service Styles Buffet and Family Style

〈Chive Flower〉

No Dried Out Plated Meals Here – Just Hot and Fresh!

How many times have we looked at someone else’s food to wish we had it?  Plated is dated, no matter what modern version and is still limiting.  We love seeing your guests find new flavor through trying what they see interesting.  Also, pizza is made on demand and with many options instead of just chicken or pork.

Enjoy Buffet or Catered Family Style

Self Service Buffet is efficient and economical allowing friends and family to play and allows us to increase to popular items.  Family style is great for your new joined family to break bread together while passing food to each other and get to know each other.

Full Service to Simple Backyard Just Add Staff as Needed

Exclusive Chef Table Tastings

Since creating and growing in one of the most unique ways our tastings are far more complicated then other caterers which is complicated by our large menu + busy calendar forcing us to offer tastings to clients only feel free to use this link for more details.

We Have Outlined on Our Terms Below Our Invoice

With a large range of wedding diner meals from informal family homes to some of the most glamorous venues.  We have found with this variety to keep our terms simple to just what is needed to make your special day even better.


Service Styles Buffet and Family Style

Larger groups require additional sides to meet the meal window of 1hr for dinner and help larger groups have more options.

Serving Palm Springs California.​ Farm to Table Seed to Fork, Organic and All scratch made Wedding Caterer.

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